Is fapping a sin?

  • Yes

    Votes: 13 25.0%
  • No

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For @Grundy

Today, in the afrojiri sacco, I requested for absolution from my friend @Liberty after fapping at 4 a.m and you asked what fapping is , I offered you a demo.
Knowing me, I describe things best in words not photos so I hope you will be able to picture it on your mind.

First of all , fapping is the art of making love to oneself. @GeorginaMakena once told me fapping is a homosexual act (unless for hermaphrodites I guess)
I think that's absolute bull.

Fapping for me has always been a way to somehow sate my sexual hunger when I am alone.

This morning I was in such a predicament, I am an early riser and today it was cold and I could hear the rain falling outside. I curled my naked body under the duvet to get more warmth and longed for companionship.

I imagined how good it would feel if my man was sleeping next to me and imagined how my hand would reach out for his shaft and feel it come alive in my hand...how I would go under the covers and put it in my mouth first and feel him wake up and groggily ask me

"Babe, what are you doing?"
Ofcourse the only response he would get was a mumble from my otherwise busy mouth.
He would pull me up and I would impale my already wet pu**y on his d*ck and take in his manhood inch by inch into my cunt and start riding him slowly...you get the drift now,right?

Back to reality, I was alone ! It was 4 a.m and I was aroused and longing for a ***. I threw away my duvet and felt the cold wind caress my body, ( I don't close my windows)

I touched my nipples and felt them become hard,what an awesome feeling I closed my eyes and let my hand trail its way down south...parted my thighs and touched my pu**y lips gently, caressing them , feeling myself get wet, and longed for more... I imagined my man kissing the lips and opening me up, my fingers obeyed my fantasy and I dipped my fingers inside the inner lips, the wetness there made it easy for them to run up and down my inner lips...I moaned and called out his name.

My index finger found its way to the top of my clit and pressed it,gods...it felt amazing and I continued moaning, as i alternatively rubbed my engorged swollen clit between my index finger and the middle finger in circular slow motions...my breath was catching now, my cunt demanded more...I thought of my man,i fantasized about being laid down in a cabin in the woods( thanks to @Baba Toto ) I imagined a d*ck doing what my fingers were doing and finally sliding into my cunt...my middle finger complied and shafted me gently, I was soaking wet now...my hot cunt greedily clenched my finger ... It was not enough, I added a second finger and frigged myself deliciously..in an out, touching the ridges inside...my thumb slowly rubbed my clit and I was in heaven...the sweetness was killing me ,my moans became louder competing with the rain outside, Juices flowed down my fingers all the way to my ass crack and I danced alone.

I felt my orgasm building up..felt like I was standing on the rails and a train was coming...my body trembled, my tempo increased,...in and out round and round faster,harder, I imagined my man, I imagined a leopard's head , I heard a crackling logs in the fireplace( wtf?) I imagined my man paying homage to my Venus, I imagined myself being a captive to his priapus and then it hit me, my first orgasm , brutal and explosive...I arched my back and screamed with delirium..my fingers drenched,I removed them slowly and rubbed my clit...gods it felt so good..I trembled again and rubbed my clit faster I clasped my thighs on my arm as an orgasm hit me...

I called out a different name now and smiled wickedly as I spewed out more cum...the force of it making me jack upright on the bed...finally the trembling was over...the rain outside settled to a steady drizzle too, our dance was mutual it seems.... I laid back spent, didn't bother with wiping myself and I could feel the wetness on my thighs, pulled my duvet and covered myself ,sighed and fell into a semi sated sleep.


Kuna maexperts kadha hapa,like one @uwesmake will fikisha you threshold 7 times in one session ,sioni ukiwesmek 7 times all by yourself. On a serious note this a bad habit and it'll spoil the sensitivity of your punane. Systematic desensitization.
How is touching myself different from my man fingering me or licking my pu**y...
Kwani vidole zangu ni kama za @introvert .
The only ultimate piece missing in all this is a d*ck.
Honestly I am not convinced.:(