Fare Thee Well, Comrade Bob. The True History of the Lion Cannot be Written by the Hunter.

FieldMarshal CouchP

The Oracle of Ndeiya
For more than half my life, you have strode the continent like a colossus.

Even though now they say how evil you were, you helped liberate Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique.

You returned the lands of your ancestors to their true owners.

You fostered Pan-Africanism.

You told off neo-colonialists.

You showed the world that a Black African can be intelligent and witty; none could stand your retorts.

I deplore the manner you left. Truth be told, you stayed on too long. You gave that witch you married too much leeway.

But given the journey we have travelled, I forgive you your trespasses. I recognise that the years have taken their toll.

You are not the man you used to be.

So, fare the well, Comrade Bob; hero, father of the republic, liberator.

Let them say what they may, your place in history is assured. You will never be forgotten, old simba mfalme wa Afrika!


Village Sponsor
Brilliant Guka. He remains a hero in my books for kicking out the white settlers.

In the 80's President Mugabe visited Kenya. On his way to Windsor golf course and hotel he asked to visit the general area to see how Kenyans live. He passed the leafy estates to the small farms and plots in the outskirts. Kenyans and Africans owning small pieces of land and growing what they can. That stuck with him. Back at home and the while of southern Africa at that moment didn't have that. 90% of his citizens lived in urban areas or as workers in settler farms. When holidays come Zimbabwe could only go to the nearest centres to merry or book hotels to go on holiday. None had ancestral homes to travel upcountry to their roots. Unfortunately when he took back the land, most farms failed since most didn't know the art, skill, knowledge, hardwork and patience to be a farmer.

In 1997, Comrade Bob was still in good books with No. 10 and got invited to birmingham palace for a state dinner. He accepted and travelled with his usual state entourage and security. At britain he was accorded state security. On getting there he met protests by g** activists due to his recent outburst that African behinds aren't for sale as a prerequisite for aid. After all the west had stole enough from Africa and coming back for our rear end with aid as a carrot was very insulting. The protests kept up with him everywhere until a major bridge of protocol happened as he got out of his car. One activist manage to bypass his security and grab his hand. Though the man was subdued, President Mugabe was mad and he cancelled the state dinner. Counter accusations followed between which security failed, his or britain. I agree it was Britain since they were to secure the venues and transport. When Comrade Bob returned, it was clear the white settlers would pay and they did. It was the final straw.
And all you short-sighted pigmies fail to see the effects of the sanctions.The man and the country were both brought down by the economic sanctions imposed by White land thieves. We too will get our land back someday.
On Mugabe his so called heroism is lost to me. If he was a dignified leader he ought to have vacated the presidency 22years ago.