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20210301_174821.jpg 20210301_175854.jpg 20210301_175940.jpg While going through various discussions pale facebook I came across the above posts.Wakulima Wenye ujuzi how realistic is this.In the farm photo,farm is in Kitengele on 3 acres with revenues of 12K per day....Second Farm I understand is Giwa farm in Gachie on 10 acres then (though now I hear its grown to 20 ) with revenues of 20K a day....kulima na kuuza tu everyday mbogas....Also I notice all of them produce for the end consumer hakuna other channels hapo katikati
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12K daily 3 acres for farm in Kitengela

20K daily for the second Farm....
Also note....revenue not profit

Though really how expensive are seeds ...maybe like 6K per acre for sukuma wiki the rest ni 2K each....from Simlaw

Most expensive input i would think is labour and Fertilizer or manure
Water is an expense too. I may not dispute the figures anyway
You cannot harvest vegetables daily for more than a week. They don't regenerate that fast
Uliza plant specialist firstly vegetable kama sukuma wiki spinach managu spider plant ukipanda imee powa sukuma unaichapa na foliar booster to increase leaf broadness after four days you do first harvest after harvesting you apply CAN to increase foliation juu umechuna yote you water the plant for two weeks itakuwa ready for second harvesting and for spider plant after third harvesting unaiacha itoe seeds which will be treated and dried for future planting