Farming ni Tamu! I started this year pole pole tu. Now I have 40 female goats and Just added a male.


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An ordinary goat gives birth once a year. Ata mwaka haijaisha acha kutubeba ujinga. The most fertile goats give birth twice within 18 months and that requires AI and inducing heat.


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Amesema wamekua wakinunua. Soma uelewe before ukimbie kucriticise.
Kitui unatoa wapi maji? Ama uko karibu na Athi River?
Kitui is not all that dry by the way. There's more than enough water for sustainable animal husbandry. The are is crisscrossed by rivers and experience flush flooding once a year. Shida sio maji, shida ni utilization.
Congratulations .
Goats are not grazers but browsers so they will enjoy those diverse shrubs in kitui.

If you selected breeds with high probability of giving birth to twins, then you will be a millionaire in just 6 years.

Last month on 13th nilikua huko na nikachomoka na mbuzi mbili, zilikua tamu na aroma ya kuvutia sana.
Kuna petrol station flani Emali just before junction ya kuenda Oloitokittok, iko na kahoteli on the side. Nothing pretentious, just a nice solid practical place. I am addicted to that place. Hio mbuzi wueh! I recommend dry fry na ugali. Mbuzi hua nyama moja underrated sana.