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I am contemplating opening a fast food restaurant. For anyone who runs the business, please guide me through the following and feel free to inbox me.
- Which POS do you find most appropriate for the business? I need one which gives accounts of the business, calculates VAT etc. Basically, a POS that is tailored for the Kenyan market and provides me with all the information I need as the business owner.
- How do you handle supplies, specifically potatoes and chicken? Do you have them delivered at your doorstep or are you forced to get them from the market? Since I prefer them being delivered at the business premises, how viable is that?
- Which fryers are better, gas or electric? Since it is a fast food restaurant, which one fries food faster? Which one is cheaper to purchase and operate?
NB: I intend to run the business personally next year for at least 6 months to understand its nitty gritties before delegating any managerial task.
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How do you handle supplies, specifically potatoes and chicken?
A pal runs an eatery far out of Nbi. Once told me the recent drought had potato prices shooting through the roof. So much so that he's considering having a huge store where he can buy in bulk and hold.
vipi daktari this is s venture am interested in what is the estimated cost of chips burner, display, Ile ya kuku na seats zile design zinakuwanga tao
Bought my frier from a guy who was closing shop, Display ya kuku soma there is a cousin of mine who has and we are in discussion. I am yet to get seats and table. Friere is in the range of 25K(electric)