Fasten your Seat Belts: We Are In for a Long Ride

PLO Lumumba was right! God bless that man.

PLO asked the judges not to strangle the baby called elections. The judges decided not to listen. We have come full circle. The judges strangled the baby and right now the child called Kenya may not make it. Post-26th may make post-2007 look like Christmas. What do they mean by there will be no elections? This is not a boycott. It is a forceful attempt making the elections not to take place. I sympathize with those who shall attempt to do so. If some people block others from voting, expect deaths. And the deaths might involve more deaths. And more deaths might lead to retaliation. And that’s how we’ll find ourselves in the post-2007 cycle.

Crisis is Next Stop
On the bright side, the baby might heal, but it might take longer. The reality of another nullification is real. If not all the areas vote, then they’ll argue that the election was not constitutional. That will mean another nullification around mid-November. So we’ll have another 60 days or whatever the judges might prescribe.

The trouble with this route is that they don’t want an election anytime soon. They know they can’t beat UK in a fair and square contest. That leaves them with few options. I foresee a situation where they precipitate a crisis – either economic or political. An economic crisis will result from demos. The demos won’t be genuine. However, they’ll be carried out in the name of electoral reforms. And that will create another vicious cycle because all their demands cannot be met. Back to the demos. I foresee the loss of jobs. I foresee discontentment among the unemployed youths particularly in the so-called opposition zones. I foresee more running battles if this election fever prolongs. Of course they’ll also manufacture a political crisis. They’ll say UK doesn’t have mandate because he wasn’t elected by half of the country. They’ll misuse the word Kenyans. Don’t be surprised if the secession murmurs grow. They’ll make it appear as if they are the majority while in reality they are the minority. Politics is all about perception and you can’t know which international moles they have planted to air that line of thought to the international community.

They don’t have the numbers in parliament. They’ll use the streets to fight their wars. When they use the streets, businesses are hurt as well as their owners. A few people are also shot. All these things play according to their script. Don’t be fooled. If the demos were peaceful, they’ll lose relevance. Regrettably, that’s why it’s good when lives are lost. It keeps them in the news. Crocodile tears are shed. And the cycle continues.

In his operant conditioning experiment, Ivan Pavlov showed that animals, including human beings, can be conditioned to expect certain things at certain times. Kenyans were conditioned by post-2007 events to expect dialogue in case of political and economic crisis of untold magnitude. We have heard murmurs. I believe this is baba’s next stop.

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

Doc Oga

Village Elder
Today is prayer Sunday as President Uhuru encouraged us to do last week. We come against dark forces, witchcraft and malice in Jesus name. No weapons or bees formed against us shall prosper!!
Religion is shit, yes but the herd needs something to believe in...we should pray for our Country and most importantly come out to vote on the 26th ensuring Mganga mkuu doesn't ascend the throne hook or crook.

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!