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Father on Thika Bank robbery


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Ni venye majamaa hawakuwatch series ya kutosha, once umetoboa kuiba 50 million unaenda underground for at least a year, lakini juu ya kunguru tu...

kah tony

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On the contrary he could be highlighting the judicial system. It's flawed. Most of corrupt government officials are out on bail having stolen more than 10 times those guys did. The 3 are arraigned as criminals while those in government are charged with 'abuse of office' and granted bail of 300k for stealing 500 Million.


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he's blaming bad parenting on politicians. Talk of deflecting.

Be that as it may pale kamiti labda wafungue solitary wasichimbe watoroke. And their arrival is highly awaited by the hardcore criminals. those tunneling/engineering skills are quite impressive.
Hakuna bad parenting hapa. If you grow to be a thief, your parents have nothing to do with it. It was your choice.