Faulty Airbags...

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Worldwide recall of the following vehicles is on going in many countries due to a fault in the airbag system which may explode if exposed to moisture.
Toyota Yaris----2001-2006 year of manufacture.
Toyota Corollas---2001-2006 year of manufacture.
Nissan-Subaru.----2004-2006 year of manufacture.
BMW-Chrysler-----2004---not specific but consult local dealer nearby.

The faulty airbags were made by a japanese company TAKATA and so far has caused 6 deaths worldwide and serious injuries to many drivers.

Kindly consult the nearest dealer and have your vehicle inspected and if new airbag is needed then it should be free.
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Hiyo shida ni ya wale walinunua showroom. Sisi watu wa sbt tutajipanga coz we have bigger worries like where we will get cash to fuel kesho na gauge light imewaka kuwaka
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