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Feminism vs gravity..Guess who won?

Kwenda huko how many bridges built by men have collapsed? The issue come down to competence of the engineers involved not the set of genitals they pocess. Meffi.
You miss the point...like you do many times. The men who built the collapsed bridges that you are incoherently bumbling on about had only one thing in mind. To build. Now, look, again, at Leonor what's-her-face's statement. Her main reason for the "project" is to show the whole world that she and her compagnieras of can build and build with an artistic touch and they do not need to listen to anyone else [read men].

The result of all that gloating is what @thekihii finds hilarious.
Its not that the women cant build, only that attitudes and objectives cant allow them to build something trustworthy. Men build something good something that is improved for the sake of making a meaningful contribution to society while benefiting. Like a man will feel a pinch about cutting corners for project and will probably think about users. And you are unlikely to know designers of projects when men build them. its a duty. Now, women will build to earn, show you that they can, and ultimately, I doubt women are interested in the state of the larger society. They mostly will look out for their own part.
Women are tuned not to care about the group. And that's why they readily switch allegiances. including tribes.