Feminist Shailja flees Kenya after being ordered to pay Mirrions for false rape accusations

She refused to go to the police, had her chance in court when sued and now amesema anahepa Kenya. Hii kitu angeswallow pride kitambo, asked Tony to settle out of court, apologise to him publicly na story iishe.




Anyway from this thread amejaribu kuleta zile accusations za MeToo but ni kama imekataa. Kids learn to be like Keanu Reeves, ukienda functions kama unajua haukatii dem fulani avoid being touchy



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Wahindi ni waoga sana. Kwanza wakiskia kitu inaitwa jela.

John Kiriamiti expounded on this matter very well in his books.

Same for the great Charles Mangua in his novels in the 70s. There is an African character who fucks a mhindi girl. Her brother is extremely pissed off. Later in the book vile anatishiwa jela pia alihepa nchi kama Punjani tu.
I read the thread few hours ago... Such a bitter and wicked person.

Huyu Tony is lawyer should make a application tomorrow morning in court for her travel documents to be deposited in court. Flight Risk

Alafu she was given a Mandatory Injunction to never speak anything about Tony yet anafanya hio alikanywa.... Huyu ata Appeal awezi pata.
@Deorro nashanga which team you play for. Jana kwa thread ya Wendy Waeni ulikuwa umevaa bra na kamisi na tampons kwa mfuko. Leo uko na sisi. Wotis obambla headed man?

I cannot support a grown-ass man fighting a child and revealing private personal details of a child. There was nothing related to toxic feminism in that case.