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    SCAVENGER Village Elder

    Wamenitoa kwa bet ya 22k..:mad::mad::mad:
  2. Mundu Mulosi

    Mundu Mulosi Administrator Staff Member

    Vindu vikhayanga.
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  3. Jay Ule Msee

    Jay Ule Msee Village Elder

  4. Ole masai

    Ole masai Village Elder

    you are greedy. in betting you dont get greedy.
  5. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    ukiona game imewekwa Jackpot achana na hiyo game, lenga kabisa
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    SCAVENGER Village Elder

    Sasa Niko greedy aje? Hii ilikua game straight forward
  7. Ole masai

    Ole masai Village Elder

    a piece of good advice, steer clear of big name games, especially if you are doing multibets.
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  8. Rauchen

    Rauchen Senior Villager

    Hii game imekula watu wengi pesa
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  9. weed

    weed Village Elder

    Odds below 1.5 wachana nazo..