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KNBS Census 2019 Shortlisted Candidates, Interviews for Enumerators
KNBS has released a list of shortlisted candidates for Census 2019. Date of interviews for Enumerators, ICT and Content supervisors have also been set as indicated below this post.

Update on KNBS Census 2019 Shortlisted Candidates for Enumerator positions and Interviews dates/Photo Source
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How to get List of KNBS Shortlisted Candidates
The list of shortlisted candidates by KNBS can only be accessed by visiting where you submitted your application letter for instance, those who applied for Enumerators should visit the sub chief’s office where the list has been pinned. Shortlisting of candidates in various regions is ongoing till 14th July.
If you applied for Content Supervisor, visit your chief’s office where you will find the list pinned .
NOTE: Content Supervisor list has been published at the Chief’s Office

Role of KNBS Enumerators
The two key roles of Enumerators for the 2019 census job will be to visit households for the enumeration exercise, ask questions and record the Responses. That is why you are required to be conversant with the local dialect.
KNBS Interview Dates, Possible Questions and Requirements
KNBS Interviews will take place from 5th to 14th July 2019. After interviews, successful candidates will start Training from 15th July 2019 to 21st August 2019. Training will start with ICT supervisors who will then train Content supervisors who will in turn train Enumerators.
Two key requirements before the interview process for Enumerators are;
  • National ID or Birth Certificate
  • Original Academic Certificates
Possible KNBS Interview Questions for Enumerators;
  • You should be able to speak the local language where you applied the job. That is the language that people in that locality. For those who applied to work in Nairobi, if you can speak Kiswahili and English you are good to go.
  • You should be able to understand your Geographical Location areas by names (in your county)
  • You should know your area leaders by name
  • You should be able to operate a computer or at least a smartphone.


An audit will show that most of the young jobless men and women did not get the enumerator jobs. I wonder if they will refuse to be counted to spite the government efforts since the government let them down?