Finally hekaya imeiva


Village Elder
Hey villagers, elders, sponsors, dry fry artists, Hoi Polloi, fmc all protocols observed. I have been a village follower for many years, since the days of wanderi to this village. For all those years I have never told any story or hekaya but I finally have one. So here goes...

There is this girl I have been dry frying for like 2 years. As a responsible man with a family I took all the necessary precautions which included observing the said specimens general health and taking the test. The said specimen lives with a man who is rarely at home... Kind of a sponsor and we used to supplement each other carnal needs. So this has gone on for some time..
She has the best personality and a good pu**y to boot. So anyways fast forward to last week.

So last week's she send me photo..... "hii rash unaweza kuwa nini?.... My mouth went dry, my balls shrunk to the size of a walnut!!!... My life flashed before me as I thought of my faithful wife of many years and her standing in society. It was a herpetic rash... I chatted her frantically asking about its characteristics
Is its itchy?????.... No... Balls shrunk further...
Is it painful.......... Yes.... Balls shrunk further..
Where is it....... Its at the chest going back to the shoulder........... Balls went to the abdominal cavity.

For those of you who are not schooled herpes zooster is a reactivation of the chicken pox virus. In our setup it mostly comes at the early stages of Hiv infection so I started preparing for the worst. I continued chatting.

When did this start.... Wee sio mimi niko nazo... Ni mzeee......... Oooh finally some hope as the odds reduced....
So anyways I pressurise her to take the test but she was fearful and tense and not willing.
Meanwhile I went into stage where one writes a will and visualizes how I should be buried.
I also did some complex mathematics on odds and probabilities but no answers were in sight.
I called her numerous times urging her to get tested to ease the mutual stress.

Finally she agreed.
Wadau, she has tested negative.....
I have also tested negative.
Sasa ni stress ya confirmation after 3 months
Hope all will be well...
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Village Elder
if you eat a gal with sponsor ,the time that sponsor whom am sure has another gal with another fool like you infects you with aid or hypertitis B am sure you will vomit your balls if now ziko abdominal cavity