Finally hekaya imeiva


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It's a jungle out here. My grandfather married a kao chick, younger. (26yrs) wife akaanza kukamuliwa na nephew ya grandfather. Nephew alikua na madem kadhaa. Last year tulizika grandma (the young wife), January uncle (nephew) guka amesumbuliwa na tb. But soon naona akipumzika. AIDS IS REAL
Damn...this is horrible man
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D ile ukimwi iko nairobi......ingekuwa airborne nairobi could have been another chernobyl.Once you realise a kunguru cannot even pay her rent ,Dont enter dryfry.Ive come to realise even housing ni shida for them.
Boss na wanaume hawajali. Ati kula kavukavu alafu meza PReP...... Aih...what sort of ignorance is this?


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A colleague of mine (Doctor) once told me you can't use PrEP more than 4 times. After the 4th time, the virus become resistant to the drug
The best cause of action is to use condoms all the times
125 lays no babies no std!
stick to the basics
1) use condom.
2) no blowjob without condom
3) no eating eating pu**y
4) no kissing only neck and cheeks.

1) have 3 types of antibiotics. amoxil is my best, use them regularly though you run the risk of your body becoming resistant.
2) have hiv test kits at your house.
3) full dosages of pep and prep.
4) have anti-fungal wash use immediately after sex to shower with.
5) avoid women with multiple partners
6) consider vasectomy.