first date with a Kenyan woman

Andrew Kibe

Senior Villager
Hello men,
So you've sampled all the ratchets that are on offer in Nairobi and beyond. You've made them do all sorts of sexual shenanigans on you. But this has bored you and now you want to have sex without a condom on the regular.
Hehe my friends, I hope you wrap up when fucking ratchets. Langata imejaa na hiyo shamba ya ushago we can do better than bury an idiot.
How do you date a Kenyan woman? The ones you want to keep around for no-condom sex. Ukweli usemwe bwana.
Most men are actually clueless despite Kenyan women being so impressionable. I mean, take a woman to Churchill Live for 3 straight weeks and that thing is yours to rent hehehehe.
On one hand you have men who take women to the bar and call it a date. Cmon bwana. What good is going to come from getting yourself and the woman drunk in public? The next thing you know is that she is grinding yours truly and giggling with the DJ all night. Do you want your woman to be a groupie?
You have the second group who pull stunts they watch on TV. hehe. My friend, do you also Dodge bullets when demonstrating in the streets since you like copying movies so much. Why are you burning your pockets to impress a Kenyan woman. Tarimbo is what you use to impress her. Money is for making poor men feel inadequate, women don't even care where money comes from my brother. They don't look at price tags unless they're single mothers.
To date a Kenyan woman call her to your house. It's that simple. These women are super lonely I tell you. If her math shows her you're a good catch she'll come. Mambo ya outing is after you've bomoad her and decided whether you want to again ama she's one for keeps just for dry spells. I don't even know what a dry spell is my fren I'm just advising you. When she comes to your house she won't be taking selfies for Instagram and she'll want to charge her phone over yours. Sasa mnaeza ongea. You can use 100s of words to do what alcohol does in 5 minutes. hehehe My fren


Village Elder
Haha. I like your controversial views. Can you do a longer post explicating on what your videos say. Like ile ya "wakisii Ni wazii" has very many comments.

Otherwise Bomoa them a good one my guy.
If Mr. Kibe would change from the constant Sexually and lack thereof... And come up with ideas of building men economically and would really help. Things on how we d*ck our prostitutes and slayers, we're much comfortable with our own experiences or lack of it.