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Casey L. Jones, 30, had been playing on his Microsoft Xbox when he suddenly reached a breaking point, screaming at the game and smashing the console with his fist, the Knoxville News Sentinelreported, citing court records.

Jones then went up to his bedroom nightstand, picked up a Springfield XDS handgun and fired several rounds into the ceiling, the paper reported. Jones proceeded to grab a second handgun, a Springfield XDM, and fired another volley through the walls. One of those rounds went through a window, striking a neighbor’s house.
Court records state Jones made threats of self-harm, which he has a history of making. An unidentified woman in the home at the time said there was no argument beforehand and he never turned the gun on her.
A total of 16 shell casings were found in the bedroom, authorities said.
Stupid white people! Wakati nang'ang'ana na mitungi nikienda kutafuta maji kwa kisima nugu ingine inasumbua watu juu ya video games? Mcoondu yeye!