FIVE family members brutally killed at their home in Kiambu


Village Elder
Five family members were brutally murdered by unknown assailants at their home in Kagongo Karura village in Kiambaa, Kiambu County.

The killers raided the home of Njoroge Warunge and hacked him to death before turning their weapons on the wife, his two children and nephew.

The man’s body was found lying outside the house within the compound while the rest were found murdered inside the house on Wednesday morning.

It is reported that on Monday, the body of the family’s casual labourer was found on a nearby building site with injuries and police had already began investigations into the matter.

It would later emerge that the phones of the other family members were going unanswered thus raising an alarm, leading to discovery of their bodies this morning.

Detectives from the homicide unit have launched investigations into the murder that has left the residents of Kagongo village in shock and fear.

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kwani casual labourer alikuwa cartel chini ya woyes.....ii ata haikai revenge killings....... ni kama warning zile za cartels za kutuma strong message to traitors
You don't get to choose how you go. This family was butchered like goats, there's another thread about an Instagram chick who OD'd on molly. It could be a freak accident or illness or murder. I've seen so many gore videos I'm convinced very few people actually live to ripe old age. Make the most of your time here while you still have breath in your lungs. Nobody gets out alive.