Flashback to Trump inauguration


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I heard a reporter saying look at how many friends Obama has made. Another one asked, what will Trump have made at the end of his tenure. The other one said, NOTHING BUT ENEMIES.

So Trump has made enemies mpaka with his VP Pence.

I remember the headache I had when Hillary Clinton lost. I remember my professor mocking me saying why haven't you women voted for your own. Very smugly because everyone knew which side I was in, even my MD told me my dear Americans will not vote for a woman. The feminist in me was die hard. My defense panel was all women and my professor was the only man. I got the bad news after I aced my defense Yaani it ruined my day. Gosh. I still remember how disappointed I was.

I vowed to block Trump, which is my defense mechanism when I am really tired instead I ended up subscribing to black people on youtube especially ABL and The Officer Tatum.

I ended up looking like I support Trump because I was enjoying the content of these black men supporting Trump. I like people who do not go with the flow. You are black but Republican.

Trump has taught me alot. ALOT. One thing I have learnt from Trump to see humor in very stark situations. Yaani if it is me who could listen to Trump supporters and actually enjoy it, even agree with them on some things.

The irony, I am what people call a feminist, I am pro life, I am against so called sex positive culture that is actually promiscuity and abuse of sex, I'm for keeping sex strictly within the confines of marriage, I am against remarriage after divorce. I believe marriage is one time and you are only free to remarry after death as the vows say, you can separate if the marriage is toxic but you cannot remarry or have sex with other people until the person is dead. Of course it goes without saying that if I am anti geyism, transgender, queer and all those ungodly lifestyles.
So you can see I'm a conservative but I can't support Trump because he's been married thrice and all his wives are alive. But you saw pastor's praying for him. Christian pastors.

Same way I am a feminist who believes in the sanctity of life of the unborn child. That marriage is sacrosanct and sex should only be enjoyed in the confines of covenant marriage. I believe in tradition roles of men being providers and women being nurturers in the family set up. I still believe that women should be in parliament, senate and the white house or 10 Downing Street. I believe in equity for women. Equal participation and representation in all decision making organs. In politics. In socio economic circles.

So basically Trump has taught me to take what is valuable to and resonates with me, if equity in feminism appeals to me, good, I take that. If **** in feminism does not appeal to or represent who I am, then out with it and there's no shame in saying I am a pro life feminist as much of an oxymoron as it may sound.

So ladies and gentlemen tomorrow we wake up to a brave new world. A very old guka for president and a woman vice president for the first time in America. A black and Asian woman at that. We are making progress my people. My fellow feminists. We may have missed the presidency but because of Trump we got the Vice Presidency for the first time ever in America. A woman will be in White House in a capacity besides first Lady. I'm so delighted .I can't wait to but my first Kamala Harris merchandise. I'm already on Amazon looking. Is how happy I am.

God bless America.