Fleeting Questions


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What is the true nature of reality?

What if consciousness is the source of suffering?

If the journey is better than the destination why not journey to nowhere?

If God's love is why you are alive, will his hate let you die?

Why evade death if it is the absolute destiny of life?

Why pretend when we know what lurks behind the masks?

What are looks to a ten year old corpse?

If poverty and wealth are relative, what is absolute?

How important is experience if someone with none is doing better than you?

If water, waste, filth and food are chemicals, is smell not just perception?

How limited are our minds and thinking capacities?

Following on that premise, would we not bridge the said limits?

Whose God creates killers, killing devices and death traps then commands others not to kill?

When is it right to kill or not to kill?

In a universe millions of years old, what is the significance of 10, 20 or 30 years?

What if nothing matters?