Fly on the wall..


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A gorgeous black woman, clearly a business professional, physically fit, and put-together in a super sharp business suit and high heels, walked up to the counter and ordered three buckets of fried chicken and take-out meals. Potatoes, biscuits, and so on.

The obese young black woman behind the counter, taking her order, asked, “Will you be dining in, or taking this out?”

It seemed like an innocent question. It was clearly a rote response. But I don’t know what tensions were involved. What were the social dynamics at play here? I was reminded of an old Onion article about the class dynamics playing out at a fast food register; Fast-Food Purchase Seething With Unspoken Class Conflict

“Bitch,” the business professional said, waving her hand in the air. “Do I look like I can eat a whole bucket of chicken myself?”

The woman behind the counter threw up her hand in response, and said, “Bitch, do I look like I know your business?”

The businesswoman threw up her hand and said, “Bitch, you better act like you know my business, because my business is gettin’ my shit and getting the f**k out of this here KFC.”

“Bitch, your order be ready in about ten minutes. Can I get you something while you wait, bitch?”

“Bitch, I’ll take a cup so I can get me some water.”

Things had suddenly calmed down and de-escalated. I don’t know how, and what went unspoken, but the tension was definitely released.

There was a lot going on here: racial tension, gender tension, class tension, personal tension. And I don’t know what was at stake or where these two actors were coming from. I just know that things started copacetic, got real tense real fast, then eased and slackened according to some unknown code of understanding.



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1. Condescending (too cool for this)
2. Confused (how can you laugh when I'm not laughing?!)
3. Befuddled (not to be confused with 2) (what the hell I'm I supposed to do with this?)
4. Bi-curious (!!)
5. Meandering (still can't get over what happened last night)
6. Comedian (wants a chic fight but has no clue how to ask for it)

Interesting.. Psych students, this is a gold mine!