Flying on a Boat

Back when Kenya was a colony. And immediately after WW1 the Kenya Police of the time acquired a seaplane to conduct aerial surveillance of Lake Victoria. It eventually led to small commercial flights between Lake Victoria, Lake Nakuru and Nairobi and Even Mombasa. Unfortunately the Seaplane market in Kenya died after runways and airstrips were constructed.

But in this day and age the use of Seaplanes is a very useful asset in terms of moving people differently to different regions in Kenya. Imagine landing directly at Lake Victoria, flying for a few hours then you land in the Indian Ocean in Mombasa. Basically making the entire coast very much more accessible and even the Rift Valley with its lakes.

I am a firm supporter in air travel over rail transport. Air is efficient and modern and fits perfectly with any country that wants to progress quickly. Therefore I support this idea 101%.
In kenya use of airports is better option. But for some areas like maldives islands and remote areas in alaska, canada etc with no runways or having rough terrain, sea planes are used.

The uses are plenty. Makes sense especially for short hops between the coastal cities.

Aerial tankers to fight wildfires...