Fogo gaucho meat is not cooked to completion. Rant



Ignore the Comments.half this peasants typing don't even know what or where Fogo Gaucho is..watu wa Kamakis basic simple Simon mofos
Please usiwahi ringa about nyama ya Fogo Wa Mugo , you are better off Kula nyama kamakis kuliko Fogo specifically Ile ya Viking House ,Westlands .Take your time and talk to the tenants and report back.Nimekuwa Viking House since 2011.
Been to fogo gaucho severally & it never disappoints!
Kwanza the starters puff pastry samosas are just worth everything... Only a few steaks two are done medium rare but they taste fantastic even if you skip them they offer you chicken, lamb, pork, beef ribs which are all well done... endless plates of chips a full salads bar plus vegetarian options like rice, potatoes , beans etc .. Cakes and other treats for desserts.
Sijuhi ni Fogo gaucho gani hiyo ulienda!


I eat alot at fogo gaucho Westlands, I've never had a complaint. Wewe Wacha upus. Breads are starters, you can also choose any other, they also have various meats, not crocodile only, you choose wisely what you want to eat. Most of what they have is extremely good.
Mkubwa unatoaga wapi 3k plus ya kukula huko.No wonder Wangige kuna wizi namna hivyo ndio watu wapate pesa ya kula Fogo Gaucho
Hizo ghasia wacha ziletee mkate na baskets. Nikaambia ule dame "just wait for the main course" ndio pesa isipoteelee mkate"...
Little knowledge is totally dangerous...
You thought you would pay a few thousands for baskets of bread...kwani ulikuwa Tuskys Westlands?


Village Chief
@under23 I hope you know that you could have asked them to overcook it for you. Whenever they come around with the serving, just pick the cut you want, slice it and ask the server to burn it for you. They will gladly do it. Dont let the high price tag scare you into silence. You get to be boss for a day in such a place.