Follow up kwa Hekaya ya Madem Wakale : Threshold Report

Wakumbwa and Wakumbwettes, Memba dis thread ?

World View = Checked
Pan Africanist = Checked
Afro-Centrist = Checked
Religion = She is into Egyptology, Am into Fongbe Voodoo and Yoruba Religion, thanks Olorun, we are both into Humanism. No space for Jesus Fernandez here

Education = An Msc from an elite RSA university and another from the UoN, see, there's enough content in that head for conversations in between thresholds.

Threshold - Signed and Confirmed. Met with great ease. Backlog had to be cleared though. Had piled up a bit. Habari kwa ufupi, 30 year old Virgin. When a lady shouts "thank you" after every thrust, know...
Any-who, one topic we vehemently agreed on is that, whatever Hitler did, was so extreme that it can't just be pinned on hate. To my surprise, She chucked out Mein Kampf from behind the book shelf, you know you don't just Let the Spine of Mein Kampf show among the other books lest you get labelled. So am just here...

Mama yao sasa amepewa recess kidogo atulize ma-attitude in the meanwhile.
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Rumour has it mainstream bookshops hide the mein kampf Ni Kama kununua Viagra you let everyone leave then ask in a low tone after which the attendant assess you to determine Kama atakuuzia au la!