For @Meria Mata (Happy birthday my King.)



Foreword: (from the lady behind the keyboard )

Quite frankly, you all know by now pseudonym is well...I cannot define her complexities,but she is as crazy as they come when she is in control, in fact I treat her as a separate entity and try to subdue her lasciviousness for the sake of my own sanity..she wins the battles at in this instance :(

I hope you enjoy her hekaya.

July 5th , 2017 was the first time @Meria Mata liked a random comment I had made in one of his threads in motoring. What you don't know my dear, is I had been active in ktalk for around two weeks and ever since day 1, your threads caught my eye. It was on that day I felt humbled that you noticed a NV small post ( Ladies, talk about Jeremy Clarkson and thank me later, although I admit ,I have watched 95% of top gear. One because I love British humor and Two, for my love of cars and speed)

Fast forward to a month later and my wish to meet VC came true and my awe for him evolved into something else.A hekaya which is still impossible to write yet because i lack the words...


Today is your day and I thank the gods for you, There is something about you that makes my fire burn and my body yearn for you. I confess that every time you take me and make me yours you own a bit of me...I can't help it really, every touch,every kiss and caress sears your brand on me.

Remember that night last month we actually were on your truck heading to Mombasa and we had to spend the night on the road because of the crazy rains.

You parked aside and we watched the rain and darkness fall and discussed TBT, I moved closer to you and your body was warm and inviting ... Your hand slid between my thighs and we forgot about TBT and ktalk and I enjoyed you callused hands on my soft skin...I parted my lips and sighed. You kissed me, as your hand travelled higher...I whispered your name when you kissed my neck , Our lust building up a storm in the cabin...

I unbuckled your belt...I unzipped your trousers slowly, and put my hand inside your boxers ,your glorious phallus jerked on my hand...dear gods you were so hard..I looked at it in pure admiration and that was the first time I tasted it...Running my tongue around the tip, your hand on the back of my head urging me to take it all in...You cursed me and moved me to the back of the truck in lightning speed, clothes discarded in an instant, tearing my panties and pounding into my wet cunt with the brutality of god Zeus. It was as that moment that you owned I felt your manhood grind me in a I clawed your bear back and moaned with my legs hoisted on your shoulders allowing you deeper access into my pu**y, ....We reached heaven, touched the stars and glided slowly back to earth.

I lay there in your arms and smiled...fiction had become reality.

I am waiting for you now...wearing your favorite black dress .Cum and have me for dinner.

Happy birthday VC
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