For The Love Of Our Country Kenya II

I obviously didn’t care much about her but I was determined to make her get out of this breathing. We had just met. 12 hours earlier. Now she had to go. As I watched her back rise and fall from her even breathing, I knew whatever I was about to do would change the course of my life forever.
Shedding innocent blood would change me from within. A change I didn’t fancy. A change I didn’t have a choice in. One coming from the chain of command. I had seen fellow soldiers travel this road before and it was never pretty. Most of them ended with a noose on their necks or an overdose of something lethal. Basically, most of them were some feet under. I didn’t want to be one of them. I wasn’t interested in becoming a statistic.
Unfortunately for us, life for existed between yes sir and executing instructions.
I had never disobeyed a direct order. I wasnt about you to start. Not today. At least I thought.
As I slid beside her, she felt my presence and stirred. Opening her eyes faintly she looked at me and moved closer. Bridging the Gap between us, she coiled her naked body on my chest and closed her eyes. I could feel the stiffness of her nipples on my chest. I wasn’t sure whether it was caused by the breeze from the window or my presence. They didn’t care. The nipples. What they did not know was that an order had been issued to terminate their existence.
I wanted to coil them between my fingers. Feel their stiffness between my teeth even, but everything about them and the body that hosted them had a shadow cast over them. Their existence hang on a balance. One I knew I had the power to topple or maintain.
She looked peaceful. Her body did at least. Trailing my finger down her back, I felt her senses respond. I wanted to have her, even if it was the last time I was doing so. I didn’t want it to be the last though.
She sensed my desires and woke up. She was ready to give me what my body desired. That was her specialty. The least she could do was appease me in her seemingly last moments.
As she moved under the covers, her tongue trailing my naked chest, I was overwhelmed by a fear I had never felt before. I took her by the shoulders and asked her to stop.
Taking the covers off my body, I stepped out, wore some blue trousers, a black V necked t-shirt, black Timberland boots and rushed out without saying a thing.
As I went down the stairs, I dialed a number on my phone and after three rings, the call was answered.
“Mike, I need two passports in the next 5 hours. Legitimate passports. I will be sending you the details in the next five minutes. Make them impeccable. Your effort wont be unnoticed.”
“Male or Female?”
“Moja moja”.
“Okay. Send me the info.” And the line went dead.
3 minutes later I had sent Mike two suggested names, one male and the other female, our pictures and preferred dates of birth.
Walking across the street, I entered Wadi pub and came out at the back entrance. I dialed another number and waited for Wendy to answer. She operated my MPESA shop back home.
“Send 47,000 to 0722....... The name is Mike. Mike or Michael. Am not sure which. Don’t ask me the second name because I have no idea what it is. After umepata message forward it to me.”
“Sawa boss”.
I took a matatu to Roysambu, alighted, called an Uber and headed back to the house.
I found her up, her body wrapped around a bedsheed, sipping coffee .
“Naitwa Milkah.”
“Your life is about to change Milkah. Listen to me carefully… Do everything I say and who knows, you might at one time get to see your grandchildren…”
The passport would get her through JKIA. She would get to Kampala, travel by bus to Kishasa, then board another flight to Rwanda after which she would board a final plane to Cape Town.
She didn’t interrupt me as I narrated everything to her. As I outlined my plans for her life, she faced down, her head supported by her bent knees obviously shaken by the prospective change that was about to overtake her entire existence. I could see the tremble on her lips.
She was scared. Scared of what she had gotten herself into and the implications of the decision. I was scared for her.
Two hours later, I called a cab that would take her to the airport. It was much safer. After giving her 8,000 USD in cash, I bid her goodbye with the promise of seeing her in a few days.

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