For UHURU , RUTO & JUBILEE supporters ONLY ! (compilation)

You idiots voted for your tribal thieves twice like the low i.Q nugus you are ....

so i present you with this illustration of your leaders using their power to enrich themselves and their families and friends.....

and it's quite obvious , uhuru's war against corruption is a lie ........

UHURU & RUTO are corrupt as f*ck !
jubilee is corrupt as f**k







Hapa chini , You get the point ..........

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6 members of Kenya's first family who have been linked to corruption but walked away scot-free

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From Mama Ngina Kenyatta to Uhuru's youngest sister, all have been linked to corruption but still walked away scot-free.
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday re-emphasized that he was committed to fighting corruption and that if
  • The President's brother, Muhoho Kenyatta has been linked to the importation of toxic sugar.
  • This is not however the first the Kenyatta family has been mentioned in corruption scandals and still walked scot-free.
President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday re-emphasized his commitment to fighting corruption and delivering Kenya from the ‘corruption monster’ even if it meant members of his own family, the first family, going to jail, the Kenyattas were not above the law or law unto themselves.
Speaking during 2018 AMCHAM Economic Summit held in the United Nation offices at Gigiri, Mr Kenyatta stated that if his brother was found guilty of bringing in illegal sugar into the country, he should be charged.
“I have full confidence in the agencies…they were bundling my brother yesterday me I have said if he is guilty let him be dealt with, what is the problem,” he said at the Summit.

The President's brother, Muhoho Kenyatta has been linked to the importation of toxic sugar.

Aldai MP Cornelius Serem, Tuesday told Parliament that the Mr Muhoho's company, Protech Investment Limited, had imported about 180,000 metric tonnes of brown sugar into the country.
"It’s my hope that this animal called corruption will not affect or inflict the future generation of this country. We are fighting it to protect the future generation," he said.
This is not however the first the Kenyatta family has been mentioned in corruption scandals and still walked scot-free.
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Gatheca Muhoho
President Uhuru Kenyatta's maternal uncle Gatheca Muhoho was among people who were paid millions of shillings in the 2016 National Youth Alliance corruption scandal which saw taxpayers lost Sh1.9 billion.
Gatheca's company, Petrokenya Oil Company Limited, which he co-owns with former Youth Fund Chairman Gor Semelang'o, was paid Sh68 million for supplying diesel to NYS.
The initial tender to supply the fuel was awarded to Horizon Limited, owned by the infamous suspect in NYS one - Ben Gethi.
Gethi later sub-contracted Petrokenya Oil Company to do the supply work.
In the 2016 NYS probe, Gatheca's close relatives were listed as some of the beneficiaries of the infamous Scandal.

Two years down the line and with another scandal at the NYS going on, no criminal proceeding has been initiated against President Kenyatta’s maternal uncle.
Nyokabi Kenyatta Muthama and Kathleen Kihanya
Uhuru's sister Nyokabi Kenyatta Muthama and cousin Kathleen Kihanya were adversely mentioned in the infamous Mafya house scandal which rocked the country in 2016.
The two are directors of a company that pocketed Sh41 million in questionable payouts that saw Sh5.3 billion of taxpayers money looted.
They own Sundales International Limited, registered on September 12, 2013 – five months after Uhuru's election.
According to the Star, apart from the NYS millions they received, the company has been awarded government contracts running into hundreds of millions since President Kenyatta came into office.
Between September 2014 and February 2016, for instance, Sundales won at least five separate tenders from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority — worth Sh270 million.
Two years down the line, no criminal charges or investigation against the two has ever been filled.

Mama Ngina Kenyatta and Margaret Kenyatta
According to American spy agency, CIA, special report issued in 1978 and made public in 2017, President Kenyatta mother Mama Ngina and Uhuru’s half-sister Margaret Wambui Kenyatta, the second African Mayor of Nairobi were big-time ivory smugglers and oversaw depletion of Kenya’s forest cover over their profitable charcoal business.
Margaret was the daughter of Kenyatta’s first wife Wahu.
One of the CIA’s memos says.
“Mama Ngina and Margaret Kenyatta are probably the country’s two largest charcoal and ivory traders – particularly lucrative businesses. Although the export of these items is banned because depletion of Kenya’s forests and wildlife threaten the underpinning of the Kenyan economy, both women have been able to obtain special licenses. For instance, shortly after a ban on ivory exports (except for tusks from elephants that died of natural causes or shot for control purposes), went into effect, the United Africa Corporation, whose chairman and chief stockholder is Margaret Kenyatta received an export licence for 1,250 baby elephant tusks.”
Up to today, more than 40 years no investigation has ever been opened against the two.
Wambui died aged 89 at a Nairobi hospital after a short illness last year.
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Uhuru family bank to merge with NIC

CBA branch in westlands on March 2, 2018. /ENOS TECHE
The Kenyatta family-linked CBA Bank and the NIC Bank are in talks on a possible merger.
The new entity will be at par with banking giants Kenya Commercial Bank and Equity Bank taking into consideration their customer base.
The new bank is expected to be more of a digital bank and offer more corporate and asset financing.

In a statement released last evening, the directors of both banks confirmed to have authorised discussions on the merger.
“Upon conclusion of these discussions and subject to shareholders approval, it is expected that the merger will create one of the largest financial services group in the region,” NIC board chair James Ndegwa and CBA chair Destario Oyatsi said in a joint statement.
The boards of directors said the discussions are preliminary, hence could not reveal more information about the merger.
But they committed to update the market of any development.
“It is the view of the two boards that a potential merger would bring together the best in class retail and corporate banks with strong potential for growth in all aspects of banking and wealth management,” they said.
If successful, combining the two would allow the creation of a bank with a complimentary base of more than 38 million customers.
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Ndegwa and Oyatsi said during the discussions phase, the two entities will continue to operate independently. “It is important to note that an eventual merger remains subject to due diligence processes, shareholders’, regulatory and other approvals,” they said.
NIC Bank, is a mid-sized lender and is listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. It was trading at Sh22.65 at the time the announcement was made. NIC’s net profit for the first six months of this year fell 2.1 per cent to Sh1.98 billion from Sh2.03 billion posted as at June 30, 2017.
While CBA is not among the listed banks, it is widely known for its partnership with Safaricom to offer M-Shwari loans.
M-Shwari was established five years ago on M-Pesa mobile money platform as a credit facility for those locked out of the market by banks for lack of collateral and credit history. It charges a one-off facility fee of 7.5 per cent
Last month, it unveiled an overdraft product for mobile money service, M-Pesa. The service, Fuliza is expected to add to M-Shwari to enable mobile money customers complete transactions that would have otherwise failed due to insufficient funds.
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State links Kenyatta family-owned city to Sh40bn bypass
TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2019 10:53
The Northlands Masterplan is set on an 11,576 acre-parcel of land located in Ruiru Municipality, Kiambu County. The geographical location of the site is shown in the map above.

The national highways agency has factored a key interchange that will connect the proposed Kenyatta family-owned Northlands City to the Eastern Bypass in the ongoing Sh40 billion upgrade of the road into a dual carriageway.
Northlands City, a mega urban development comprising of residential, industrial and commercial units, will accommodate an estimated 250,000 people working and living within its boundaries.
Easy access is key for attracting investors to the city, which it is estimated will generate up to 30,000 vehicles per day spilling onto the Eastern Bypass and 27,000 vehicles per day onto the Thika Superhighway.
The 200-acre Infinity Industrial Park under development off the Eastern Bypass is also a major beneficiary of the dualling as well as the Embakasi Garrison, Administration Police Training College-Embakasi, General Service Unit Training School Embakasi as well as numerous residential developments within the expansion path.
On the Northern Bypass Membley and Kigwa Ridge estates, hotels such as Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, Two Rivers Mall as well as populous residential developments and industries will also benefit.
The planned Greater Eastern Bypass will start at a junction off the Eastern Bypass towards Thika-Garissa highway further opening up large swathes of unoccupied land for residential and commercial development within Juja Farm.
Traffic jams around newly-built malls in the city have been a major turn-off for shoppers, with some developers such as the Thika Road Mall being required to modify entry and exit routes to ease the flow of vehicles.
Upgrade of the 51.6-kilometre Eastern and Northern Bypasses is currently at the public consultation and environmental approval phases. the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) is constructing the road into a dual thoroughfare complete with service lanes, while the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is offering expertise on building of the interchanges.
Planners of the Northlands city initially proposed construction of two interchanges, one linking it to Eastern Bypass near Thika Superhighway and another 300 metres away linking the property to the Greater Eastern Bypass.
Kura has, however, rejected the proposal and advised Northlands City planners to amend the masterplan to provide for a single interchange serving as a single junction into and out of the property.
“The (option) requires less land and is more environmentally friendly and is the preferred option even from engineering operational considerations,” says a report by Kura.
The city will, however, get another link road and an additional interchange connection to the populous Githurai area.
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GIBB Africa, which designed the dual road, indicates that the project will be implemented in the next 30 months.
“Designs on the Eastern Bypass should therefore accommodate the project traffic generation,” says Kura in its feasibility report on the highway.
Northlands City, conceived in 2016 and planned by Triad Architects, will be built on 11,800 acres of land.
It will feature residential homes, recreation facilities, a stadium, commercial centres, industrial estates, farms, schools, civic buildings and hotels.
“As Northlands is a major development, the developers request that an additional entry and exit is provided for the development. This is a reasonable request and this third access will be provided approximately 1.5 km from Thika Road,” says the report.
The 31.4 kilometre Eastern Bypass and the 20.2 kilometre Northern Bypass will see the current two-way road increased to four lanes pavement (each 3.5 metres wide) with additional service lanes.
The Northern Bypass is currently used by 15,058 vehicles per day while the Eastern Bypass has 24,417 vehicles per day.
Northlands has easy access to Nairobi via the Thika Superhighway as well as to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) through the Eastern Bypass onto Mombasa road, a key artery for import of raw materials, export of processed and raw agricultural goods.
Kenyatta dairy firm among top gainers from Buhari visit
SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 2016 17:16
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari when he toured Brookside Dairy’s plant in Ruiru on Thursday last week. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE

Tea and dairy processors are the immediate beneficiaries of President Muhammadu Buhari’s maiden visit to Kenya after Nigeria agreed to lift a ban that has locked their products out of its market for decades.
Long life milk and tea leaves, the two commodities that Kenya enjoys comparative advantage in producing, are among the 138 products from Africa that the populous nation has banned from its territory for years.
Last week, the two sides agreed to work on a formula to lift the ban on exports of tea and dairy products.
That decision came after President Buhari lamented that the two states enjoyed cordial diplomatic relations “yet there has been no uhuru (freedom)” for traders operating between the two markets.
“The two states agreed to reconsider the decision by Nigeria banning some of the major Kenyan goods such as tea, dairy products and cotton from accessing their market,” said Trade secretary Adan Mohamed..................

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Kenyatta Family through CBA’s Isaac Awuondo Wants to Irregularly Take Over JKIA – MPs
Kahawa Tungu
February 20, 2019, 9:30 AM


Isaac Awuondo, MD CBA Group
In a well-crafted scheme, the Kenyatta family has been outed as the entities positioning themselves to take over the management and running of Kenya’s premier airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) through Kenya Airways (KQ).
In a sitting of the parliament’s Public Investment Committee (PIC) sitting, the Kenya Airports Authority Managing Director Johnny Andersen was hard pressed to explain why he doesn’t see conflict of interests when the chairman of Kenyatta family owned Commercial Bank of Africa, Isaac Awuondo, was also the CEO of CBA Group which together with NIC Bank is owed Ksh 5billion by Kenya Airways.
READ: How Kenya Airways was Run Down and Why the Airline Might Cease Operation Very Soon
CBA and NIC have started a process of merger of all their business entities which will create a superbank in the country.
KAA’s management has been greatly influenced by the Kenyatta family which seems to have a strong interest in its management. The previous chairman, George Muhoho, is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s uncle.
From the PIC sitting yesterday and through a careful delivery by the controversial Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter, it was clear that President Uhuru’s hands were all over attempts to irregularly take over Jomo Kenyatta International Aiport (JKIA).
It was clear that Isaac Awuondo saw that the struggling national carrier Kenya Airways (KQ) might not be able to fully repay the Ksh 5 billion owed to NIC and CBA and saw the need to use the proposed JKIA management by KQ as a way of clearing the debts owed to the two banks, without a clear roadmap on what will happen to the national carrier and JKIA after that.
MPs also raised questions about the ownership of KQ with rumours flying around that KQ actually owns only 3 planes while the rest is owned by a group of individuals with connections to State House.
Furthermore, PIC was informed that KAA Act. Cap 395 prohibits private ownership of airports.
KAA MD Jonny Andersen confirmed that Kenya Airways owes CBA Group Sh3.1 billion, NIC Sh2.1 billion, Equity Bank Sh5.2 billion, National Bank Sh3.5 billion, Co-operative Bank Sh3.3 billion, DTB Sh2.1 billion and KCB Group Sh2.1 billion.
President Uhuru Kenyatta is known to have deep interests in aviation with companies where he has interests said to have exclusive rights over certain products and services in the sector.
Some of the products known to be exclusively supplied by President Uhuru’s companies include the auxiliary powering units which are used to run plans while on the ground.
Kenyans have questioned why President Uhuru can claim to fight corruption when all signs are that his family is still engaging in corruption.