FOUR PEOPLE found murdered in Riverside, Ruaraka

Well, atleast I better side with those that grab land but dont gloat. Hii kujipga kifua ndio inaleta shida. Bitterness creeps up and these are the indicators of a growing intolerance enough to start a civil war. Kakinuka itaaffect kila mtu. Mark you, everyone is tired of the thieving JP brigade. You can try to sugarcoat their tiny efforts at developments which are divisionary, but the truth stands. We dont need NASA or JP, we need Kenya united. Thats the goddamn truth. Using police to intimidate people who have a different outlook towards your own is a bitch move that might as well boomerang. However, like we all like to say, let us wait and see.
People are tired of looters. If you have issues with the thieving higher ups take up your issue with them but leave the small scale trader alone.