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I have not tried this since I am a bit busy and have more than enough bundles. The original post was shared from facebook and therefore I cant tell if everything works. For the tech guys and hustlers enjoy!

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Don't pay for Data Bundles here we give you tricks on how to browse for free!! wherever you are!!
It's totally FREE.

-You must have Android 2.3.3 and above.
-You must have a 3G network for stability of connection.
-You must download Finch VPN application.
-You must have a working Email.
-You should have data bundles during registration of your account.

1. Finch VPN application Google that
2. Then register
-Remember after registration you must activate your account, by checki the link sent to the email you registered with the activation is within 24hrs.
3. log in (Your username is your Email)

Still on settings:-
• Untick "Show Log"
•Untick "Display current location"
•Untick "Start on boot"
•Untick "Anti DPI"
•Untick "SSH VPN"
•Untick "SOCKS VPN"
•Tick "Use system proxy"
•Tick "Reconnect on network change"
•Untick "Pause VPN connection after screen off"
•Untick "Local port binding"
•Untick "Override maximum segment"
•Tick "Custom options"
-On "Extra OpenVPN config" copy the following:-

ns-cert-type server
engine dynamic
http-proxy-option EXT1 Host:
http-proxy-option EXT2 X-Online-Host:
http-proxy 8080
http-proxy-timeout 8
reneg-sec 31557600

•Tick "Fix ownership of / dev"

•Go back to home select server 05 then select Tcp 4436.
-Touch connect and enjoy free browsing.
•No data bundles required.
•Your balance should be 0.00MBs
•Make sure your mobile data connection(cellular data) is on.

Enjoy Free Service
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