French factory workers could be forced to wear social distancing devices that emit a loud noise like a dog


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Badge worn around the neck or waist would go off if 2m distance is not observed
Hygiene company says it could help contact-tracing with its factory workers
But a French union condemned the 'dog collar' as an 'attack on individual liberty'

plans for factory workers to wear social distancing 'dog collars' that go off like an alarm if people stand too close to each other have caused an outcry in France.
Worn around the neck or tied around the waist, the 'badges' would make a loud 85-decibel sound and possibly vibrate or light up if the two-metre distance is not observed. Swedish company Essity, which makes hygiene products and has around 2,500 employees in France, is said to be planning to introduce the gadgets - supposedly making contact-tracing easier in case of an outbreak at the plant.


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Europeans are right now living in hell. We are glad. Here in the African paradise, we are shaking hands, mingling in bars and churches and going on with daily life as if there is nothing bothering us.