french ticha

Good boy," she said, "now lay down on my bed. I can't wait any longer to put that hard cock of yours in my mouth. I lay down on my back and felt how she maneuvered her upper body between my legs so she have better access to my cock. She started licking my shaft and eventually put my cock in her mouth. I felt how she started to move her head back and forth as I heard the sounds coming out of her mouth while she was sucking my cock. And even though, I was still blindfolded and couldn't see my cock going in and out of her mouth I still came in about a minute. She also swallowed all my cum. Then she moved forward until her breasts fell down on my chest. Her head now inches above mine. Both still heavily breathing. Then we started to kiss a bit.

After a while, I got an erection again. She also noticed that. She got off me and walked towards her nightstand. Then she came back and put a condom on my d*ck. She jerked me off again and slowly moved her vagina towards my d*ck. I felt as her pu**y lips closed around the tip of my penis. My heartbeat started to rise. Finally!

Slowly she started to go up and down. I couldn't believe how good it felt. The thought of finally being inside a vagina drove me nuts. I felt how she started to increase her tempo. And the feeling of her warm, wet and tight pu**y made me cum for the second time.

Then she took off my blindfold so that I could finally see her beautiful big tits. I couldn't stop looking at them!

Then she uncuffed me and we both started to get dressed again. She took me by my hand and guided me back to the living room.

Fortunately, she kept her word and adjusted my grades. What a way to go over to the next year!

kintu warchief

Huyu jamaa anakuwanga na ugonjwa ama uninga mwingi sasa hii ni upumbavu ameamua kukeep up

After kusoma 13yrs primary 8highschool na kuwa ktalk for the last 70yrs