FREXIT? French protesters call for EU EXIT as Macron fails to control DEADLY Paris riots

Ned Stark

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Same protests in European Union Parliament in Brussels Belgium and also Netherlands ikifika Germany it will make Egyptian Revolution ikae child's play courtesy of Anti Immigration German Nazis.

The yellow vest protests in the French capital escalated on Saturday with protesters firing tear gas canisters against police officers and holding up banners calling for France to leave the European Union. More than 400 people have already been arrested with thousands of protesters breaking police barriers to inundate the streets of Paris. The so-called gilets jaunes have been protesting against French President Emmanuel Macon's policies for the fourth weekend in a row.
8,000 officers and 12 armoured vehicles sent into Paris today as more than 1,000 people gathered in the city centre.

Protesters met at the Champs-Elysées and marched to a police cordon before stopping.

This is now the fourth weekend of protests, with last week seeing hundreds of people arrested and many injured on the streets.

Protester Claude Rigolet told the BBC: "Everything is more expensive. Taxes are going up - housing, heating costs, cars. Everything is going up."

Protesters have organised themselves via social media, declaring this weekend as "Act IV" in a dramatic opposition to Macron’s policies.

The French President popularity rating plummeted to a new low of 23 percent in November - down by a massive six percentage points from October.

Despite the French President performing a U-turn against raising fuel taxes, another massive wave of violence hit the whole country on Saturday. 1544279583935.jpg


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Drumpf wants to head over there and take over..

USA is ok with that..

The French are telling him to stay put..

Kwioha na jam.


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But, but, err I thought high taxes, big government, open borders, socialism were good and nationalism was bad? These French wanna leave the EU now??? :D:D:D

This is poetic justice for Macron. Thuraku za France zimesema ‘webe ni ure ure.’ :D:D