Friday Hekaya...


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Dusk was creeping in pretty fast, and she was beginning to panic! She looked around for any signs of life, but nothing, only some gazelles and zebras grazing at a distance. She paced back and forth pondering on what to do next...

"what if no luck comes a long, what if I end up spending the night in the middle of nowhere?" @pseudonym thought.

Her thoughts were suddenly abrupted by a loud honk, as she had wandered in the middle of the road, she quickly waved her hands signaling the truck to stop. Luck was on her side, she quickly ran to the driver's side as the truck came to a full halt with screeching tires.

"Do you mind dropping me in the next available town?" she asked sheepishly.


@Meria Mata has been on this road numerous times delivering cargo, he knew what was at stake here, but leaving her in the middle of nowhere would be inhumane....

Standing all alone in the middle of no where,her mini a bit hiked,mata had no chills left to give when he let her know that she was meant to be dryfried raw with a pepper spice thrown in the mix from the horizon,....


Was driving along a deserted highway bored with my Playlist, had listened to it all of 400kms and was super bored, was just in rhythm with my engine, in fact was humming to the revs, suddenly after taking a sharp corner by the lonely rd I saw her....
"What the hell?" I thought as I hit the brakes and stopped the truck.I watched her running over to my side in her short skirt, holding her heels in one hand


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Her eyes pleaded for a warm ride to the next town. @Meria Mata knew he had to assist her as she was quivering, her teeth clattering in tandem with the howling wind outside the cab. Meria gladly ushered her in. She would break his monotony of driving alone and humming to old school reggae tunes. Heck! She'd keep the cab warmer with the conversation that had already began playing in his mind. How to start the conversation?


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I helped her climb the cabin, and started the engine again. From my side of the eye, I could tell that she was restless and kept her hands closed. I gazed at her and realized that she was extremely beautiful. I got an instant feeling of lust.......


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She was not alone, the lights revealed a Gtouring model of the Toyota line, the driver was un-inspiring, he was a light skinned guy, his smile revealed brown teeth of the Mungiki kind, with a greenish slimy tinge to them due to chewing Mogoka, he had a banned paper bag full of the leaves, she wondered if it was the only banned substance aboard, since there was a distant whiff of marijuana, her heart sank when he welcomed her with the words 'HKM' as she boarded the passenger side. It dawned to her she had fallen into the clutches of the notorious sewer stirrer @Tls.

kah tony

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MM had seen this many times before. Kamba dirty titties by the road side peddling their wares. After an unfortunate scenario years back when he had started plying this route (he had contracted a nasty d*ck burn in the early 90s) he had vowed that the only stop he would make was way past good forsaken dry country kambaland.
Why should I stop? He debated in his head. Haidhuru...