Friday Hekaya...


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"Just because I am a bad cook doesn't mean that I can't host house parties" @GeorginaMakena said

"But that's my retirement savings you are squandering" @FieldMarshal CouchP said amid blaring sound of music. "I have only been gone for a week and this is what I come back to find you doing?" he asked.

"Its a welcoming party for you dear" @GeorginaMakena cut him short. "Besides, your old buddies are awaiting at the gazebo" she tried to sweet talk him.

The house was in such a mess, bottles of spring water and beer cans scattered everywhere, torn cartons of pizza here and there, @FieldMarshal CouchP couldn't believe his eyes. He walked down the hall towards the guests washrooms and guess who he meets staggering from the washrooms; @Tommy Lee Sparta! Clasping his halfly done trousers with one hand and an empty toilet paper roll in his other, "there's no toilet paper in the washrooms" he murmered....

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Blaring sounds of some ol'skul hip hop music is heard from outside and VC peeps at the window only to see a boy barely 20 peeing on the kerb and another prick is smoking what looks like herb.. VC barks "are those your friends" ?


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@GUKA didn't want to get into a boring conversation with him as he had his own stress of being given staunch warnings of being excommunicated from a certain dingy online forum, where he had an impression that talkers respected his opinions because he claimed that he knew who matters in the political scene.