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From Eastleigh To Majuus: Musumba Is Doing It Big!


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A Kenyan teacher living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is achieving success by creating employment through his consultancy firm called Edu prime LLC.

Speaking on the Daring Abroad show hosted by Alex Chamwada, Paul Musumba said that the thinking behind the firm was to close the Academic achievement gap.

"The consultancy firm was derived from my passion for teaching.

Paul Musumba and one of his colleagues at Edu Prime LLC.

"I saw an academic gap where stakeholders in the education industry found it difficult to cope with the changing times, ” Musumba stated.

The firm currently offers three services: for substitute and teacher placement, for tutoring lessons and courses on professional development seminars for educators.

Musumba said his firm has seven full-time employees and 20 part-time employees. The team is able to handle about 5,000 students in a single day, a remarkable feat for the small based firm.


In order to extend his vision to other states, he also set up a satellite office in Atlanta. The office handles 2,000 students daily.

Musumba adds that three of his colleagues are Kenyan. Charles, head of communications and programming, Angela head of procurement and Joel head of data analysis.

A major challenge that most Kenyans who travel abroad face, Musumba noted, is the notion that people portray the United States of America (USA) as a bed of roses.

"It's not easy here, you have to work hard in order to make ends meet.

"The cost of living alone in the USA is extremely expensive, so Kenyans who come to America have to change their perceptions," he noted.

Temple University in Philadelphia, USA.

The US-based teacher was born in Pumwani hospital, Nairobi County, attended different primary schools in his early childhood before joining Nairobi school. He was later admitted to the then Kenya Polytechnic college now known as Technical University of Kenya.

Musumba lived in Eastleigh for about 20 years before eventually traveling to Philadelphia in October 2008.

He got a scholarship to study Chemistry at Drexel University before shifting to Temple University.

Upon graduation, all final year students in the college of education were enrolled in the student teaching placement program. Musumba ended up teaching for 5 years at the university before stepping out of the classroom to start his firm.


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Oh Philly, I get sentimental about this city where I first landed. Mr Musumba will do better in entrepreneurship than subbing.