Fuel adulteration in Kenya


Village Elder
Forks I just had the busiest morning draining all fuel from my scooter after I refilled at Nisi petrol station -juja rd next to kwa chief.

Apparently the petrol I filled up with was mixed with kerosene and my scooter couldn't start up at all. Battery died several times as I tried to start the ka scooter.

Am wondering what if it was BMW or merc. Ingekuwa machos tupu

What's your experience with adultered fuel? Where did you fill up? How did you resolve the issue?


Village Elder
1. Avoid those funny funny branded Somali owned petrol stations at ALL costs.

2. If you go on a long trip, fill up and even carry some petrol in a Jerrycan to avoid useing those stations in the middle of nowhere along the way especially Mombasa road.
Apparently the one petrol station that messed me up is Somali owned and so is Total sabaki where I went to pick fresh fuel.

Am told the petroleum industry is almost run wholly by somalis