Fuel Prices Continue Dropping..

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Super petrol went down from midnight
down by Sh8.17, diesel by Sh7.83 and
kerosene by Sh13.19 in the biggest drop
since September last year.
Consumers in Mombasa will enjoy the
lowest prices of Sh81.42 a litre for
super petrol, Sh72.25 a litre for diesel
and Sh49.69 a litre for kerosene.
In Nairobi, super petrol will retail for
Sh84.71 a litre while diesel and
kerosene were pegged at Sh75.52 and

Sasa jam ndio inataka kushika Viproper. Drive safely.


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@karema - hitI, Once Matutus zimepandisha bei, they never reduce them. I once heard them saying that it's not fuel prices that determine the cost of transport . Its the bribes and handouts they give ndio the determinant factor.

Naa mimi Hapana Dagetare, Am just a messenger wa Dagetare.


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Not happy i fear what will happen when they start the increase.everything will go up and the excuse will be ..............
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