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  1. Ka-Buda

    Ka-Buda Village Elder

    Makes me want to cry all the Nolstagia!.....

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  2. Duke of Busia

    Duke of Busia Village Elder

    Niko kwa kunguru naskia this one

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  3. Guru

    Guru Village Elder

    Then came this by Cool James (Rip).
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  4. Ka-Buda

    Ka-Buda Village Elder

    Another I don't get tired of listening to..

  5. Matina

    Matina Senior Villager

    In African cultures crying is feminine... But then you are not in Africa thus I can't judge :D:D:D
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  6. Ka-Buda

    Ka-Buda Village Elder

    Says Matina!
    Your name betrays your thought process.
  7. Matina

    Matina Senior Villager

    But you have something to hide... I don't have.. In Greek we say "Ritwa ni mbukio" mimi sina garbage following me from the past.. Wewe uko na "sewage issues" going way back :D:D:D
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  8. Ka-Buda

    Ka-Buda Village Elder

    Whatever it takes for you to become a village elder I will endeavour to help!

    Mbwa Kasia takataka minyoo!

    Sasa umejulikana.
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  9. Matina

    Matina Senior Villager

    Please don't start a battle you can't win! When you don't have a name to protect means you have no reputation to lose!! Lakini hii maneno juu uko majuu... And being paid na majungu to bust their nuts on you and then you come here blubbering nonsense has to stop... Valisha tuzee pampers bila maringo!
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  10. Delus

    Delus Village Elder

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  11. Lucern

    Lucern Village Elder

    I just dropped few tears coz of this song . Very sad past life of mine, 2004 was the year
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  12. Lucern

    Lucern Village Elder

  13. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    I love the bacongo Swahili, it's one of my favourite?
  14. Lucern

    Lucern Village Elder

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  15. Lucern

    Lucern Village Elder

    Boss wacha hii chiethna mentality . I'm an alpha male who make women scream in bed.I'm respected whenever I go by how I carry myself . The day my daughter got sick ,I cried like a little bitch. Does that make me less of a man? No. What makes a man real is the heart he has not tears . Social studies 101
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  16. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    Hi @Lucern
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  17. inzhener otmetka

    inzhener otmetka Village Elder

    Hata wewe ukifinywa shingo utapiga nduru!
  18. Templar Night

    Templar Night Senior Villager

    You cried instead of taking her to hospital? sasa utasaidika aje?
  19. Lucern

    Lucern Village Elder

    you dont have a child do you? if you did and saw the pain they go through when sick you wouldn't have asked a stupid question like that .would you
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