fungeni kanga na mkae kitako


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leo kuna fala ilikuja kortini roho juu. the guy had no lawyer juu alikuwa anadai "hii ni kitu ya haraka nirudi job."

Apparently he was dating this good looking mama. enyewe ata mimi nilimeza mate, Giggity.

kwa hivo woman hakuwa amemwambia ako na watoi wengine watatu. after dating for 4 months jamaa akadump yeye na ball ya miezi tatu.

Dem was in court to ask for alimony. Msee akaulizwa hii iko ndani ni yako.

akasema ee ni yangu lakini wale watatu sio wangu. mimi simtaki. Guy was being arrogant. Judge must have been arguing with his arrogant teenage son that morning juu alibadirisha sura akakuwa kama nyoka.

He ordered the guy to pay for maintenance of all the woman's needs and kids . He argued they were husband and wife under customary law and he had accepted responsibility for her offspring the day he wifed her.

in his own stupid admission she was his wife but alimuacha juu ana watoi.

hehe wacha msee aanze kulia. Jaji alisema akikosa kucomply he will go to jail for two years.

in short, never go before a judge without legal representation. utajua hujui. alafu kamua na CD anytime anywhere and NEFA send money through mpesa on ga regular basis
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Folks sentenced for capital offences in Kamiti represent themselves during appeals and surprisingly perform better than trained lawyers.
This is stupid advise from a stupid case.
hakuna appeal. he admitted. final and closed
The law says the cohabitation must be for more than 12 months fir him to acquire parental responsibility. Another thing the guy was not maintaining the kids he did not even know they existed. Either you did not get the facts right or that Magistrate just wants to frustrate the guy.
Hii Ni fake. How can a court jail someone who has refused to raise someone else children? Where is the father of the children? Why can't the mother raise those children?