Funzeni ngombe kusoma

Baba Toto

Village Elder
There were almost half a million spoilt votes.
Out of that, maybe half were sabotage and half were real ngombes who wrote mathogothanio on the ballot ati 'Uhuru ndio nataka' ama kucross out all others except the one they want.
These people need to be sat in a field and whipped mpaka they learn simple instructions.
These may be the game changers in a close election.


Village Elder
I believe those who spoil ballot papera are usually adequately informed. Mimi nliharibu ya women rep, senetor and MCA by crossing a line across all candidates.


Village Sponsor
Kama Mzee alitoboa ile ya ICC 2013 sioni vile ya SC itamashtua, actually Hii ni moto wa gazeti kwake. Eng'iti rafiki yangu usikubali 2 heartbreaks in a year, ingia the winning Team. Embrace RWNEBP instead of hugging a transformer.

You see use of large sums of money, killing and issuing of threats was the order of the day then. That way he had to get off the hook... if he applies the same here i think tutamwachia tuu. Life is too precious.