Furahi day Playlist

My Fryday anthem...

Today Im in the mood for ol' skool reggae and some not so old ones too. My neighbours growing up were rastafarians and they had a band so usishindwe najuaje some of these songs.

Reggea music again....Remember when positivity we sent

This is one of my favourite songs in the whole wide world - Oh please dont rock my boat -I dont want my boat to be rocking. I like it ,like,like it like this, and you should know by now , I like it like this.I am happy inside .All,all of the time.

Ladies , Tairus Riley love u just the way you are, in his eyes you are a star just the way you are but men lazima mukuwe na kakitu...


Jamaica is a pretty country...Negril

This is my pick me up song when I am in bad moods