Gambling Eureka? Maybe


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I feel I might have hacked this betting SHIT hear me out guys. Yesterday I wanted to try out a new formula I had devised, deposited 200 into my account and got to work. The thing with betting is it requires immense discipline, you will hear people telling you that the "Math's are against you" but I honestly don't feel that to be true. The maths are in favour of betting companies but a little propability is also with you, that's how people win. It's not a game of luck like lotto but more of a statistics one where the odds are hugely stacked against you but there is a CHANCE. Their is a real chance of winning, it's upto you finding it and sticking to that route. Anyways without wasting much time this is what I did, if you religiously follow it you also might get lucky. This are my rules.

1.I was only betting on live games.
2.Under no circumstances will I bet on games that are still in the first half.
3.Game ikipita 65 Minutes am not betting on them.
4.I bet on games from 50-59 Minutes. I look at the stats of each individual games, if I see shots on goal have exceeded 12 on both teams, I place my bet that one extra goal will be scored in the game. For instance if the game is still 0-0 at 55 minutes and they have been plenty of shots, I place an over 0.5 on that market. Currently my stake is 150.I don't get past it.
5.Tbe odds of the game am betting on are extremely low, not attractive at all. They usually range from 1.30-1.40 so my returns usually end up being Ksh 50-70 but after a while they add up. As of today my 200 initial investment has gotten to Ksh 1050.Not really bad for sitting on my ass and doing nothing.
5.Am mostly betting on 5-10Pm games as that's when I have the leisure time besides I truly feel morning games are the worst to bet on in terms of the goals market, Will continue this shit and update you folks penye nitafika...
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