Game of thrones season finale thread....

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls citizens of westeros, essos, pentos, qarth etc The end beckons and the million dollar question is who will ascend the steps and sit on the iron throne? For lovers of vampire diaries and other mediocre shows kindly hit the next thread button! For starters this is the best TV show that was and will ever be. Am a student of strategy and keen planning and hence I found it just natural for me. I had not read the books so I had to watch the whole seasons 1_7 twice to fully comprehend. This show packs drama, action, suspense and all the themes you can wish for all rolled in one. From the history to banners, house sigels to words associated with different houses. Some scenes are just epic, let's take king jofree's death for instance, it ranks up there with other dramatic deaths in TV history. The red wedding is another one. So ladies and gentlemen the wait is over winter is here am rooting for daenerys storm born but hata Jon snow ako Sawa....
"we know no king except the king in the north whose name is stark"

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