Gas explosion....and the earth shakes

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So guys today just after I got home, I hear a big explosion....actually big is an understatement. The earth shook and stuff fell to the ground. I thought leo tumekutwo and it was time to enforce the run, hide or fight tactic, if you guys remember the video I posted some time back.

It turns out it was a gas explosion, some 200 meters from my house.

Luckily as far as I could find out only one lady sustained some major burns.

Thats the wall on the stair well
The radio was still playing by the time I got to the scene


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I use several small gas cylinders instead of the big one. I fear that the big one potentially explosive because it has to withstand more strain. I dont know whether this is paranoia, but I know that gas cylinders have to contain enormous pressure.

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So those creepy Hollywood films are right - after the big one only the roaches and the radios will be playing. Just imagine that - a forlorn radio playing offkey country amidst the ruins of our lives, a big black ISIS flag flying overheard.

Damn, we are fucked!


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Its not about smelling the gas or such.. When u enter ur place jioni, the first thing u do as u enter is switch on the light, lets say u smell some rotten air (smell of gas) by the time u start figuring out where the smell is coming frm.. Ka-BOOM!!!
Shit happens. Pole kwake lakini.
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