@Gashwin tony gachoka thread

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Boss hebu expound on the reply u gave concerning tony gachoka disinheriting his mum. Kwani what skeletons are in this man's closet.
Anybody with the the info tafadhali chora hapa.


These stories are in the public domain and have been since way back. They used to even be covered widely by the then two national newspapers. Check online.

kush yule mnono

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Wacha zako wee kush! My lorry driver is full of praise and does not criticise me. Sema tuu ni wewe. Ama you want u n i to open a salon ya muchene? Btw uliacha kumasturbate? Ukijibu hiyo the salon is officialy opened.
Haha, let me answer your question sweetheart. I have taken a vacation from it not sure when I'll be back. And next time use a courteous word like wanking or fabian:)
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