Gathee Trump


Village Elder
Well, everything will now begin to clean up all Trump's decisions. This is now enemy number one. I don’t know if all this is worth considering as purely correct decisions. Yes, this president was an ambiguous leader and sometimes made rather risky decisions, but do not forget that he is a real professional and he always actively defended his decisions. And probably, before all this begins to be canceled and corrected, it is probably worth looking at the situation from different angles in order to preserve at least something that can protect America at all levels. For some reason, they always cancel and try to get rid of what happened before. Is it always right? Do not deny everything that was a part of our life.


Village Elder
Perhaps this is for the best, because he always offers very tough conditions, which are not always in contact with the democratic conditions of this country. So I agree with the opinion that you shouldn't get hot and just act in opposition to it. But some decisions really require some adjustment, at least it will definitely not be superfluous.
In fact, I'm much more interested in how the next president will act from the point of view of independent decisions. I would very much like to count on him to preserve what he has and to lead the country in the right direction. But time is certainly the best judge, so soon we can assess the correctness of his decisions.