Gender equality

Am now fully convinced that you are a woman, cinderella in my opinion is one of the worst things to happen to women and the human race period it created a utopia image of marriage and relationships far from the reality on the ground. Such story books need not to be printed anymore they have done too much damage. @TrumanCapote
But I wasnt talking about the marriage and relationships aspect of Cinderella Mr.Kwame, all folklore and fables have many themes, I was speaking to the FAIRY GODMOTHER aspect of the Cinderella story, look at the context next time before you rush to comment because there's a point you are trying to drive home which I can tell you for free I will never agree with. Remember the fairy godmother in that story who turned the pumpkin into the carriage and the torn shoes into dainty glass slippers? Thats the point I am making, many young girls who were destitute will get not just homes but fine homes, good homes, the best homes thanks to the lack of high caliber men in Kenyan society. If you know someone who works in Children's department ask them the trajectory of adoptions of girls by single women of means its going up sharply. Thats the point I was making.

I agree with you however that one of the brainwashing tactics used to make women believe that marriage is the be all and end all of life and also to believe that men are prince charmings or knights in shining armor from the time theyre kids has made many women make poor decisions that was not in their best interest. They for a long time dont see the reality of who men are. Its only after alot of disappointment and disillusionment that reality dawns on them that there is no prince charming or knight in shining armor. That theyre not an extension of men or an appendage. Theyre not a damsel in distress. Theyre the masters of their own destinies and the captain of their lives - not anybody else - men included.
Hello villagers ... I was not planning to share this but hey here I am ... so today after mass service at St. Austin’s Catholic Church Msongari I met my sister at ABC place for lunch . You see she is well of with a job & financially stable . She’s now 36 years of age with no child & possibly no serious boyfriend who would marry her . So as we were talking she told me how she’s planning to buy a plot or a house somewhere in Ngong and settle there . I was very amazed that she doesn’t require any man in her life . She seems very comfortable that way. She’s my eldest sister & I could not question her much about her decisions. I mean is that the kind of society that our daughters will live ... no plans to have a family & you think Cz you have money you don’t need any man whatsoever...!
Tell her I already have a plot in Ngong. She just need to come we settle