Gender stereotyping in car selection

I choose to believe that we Kenyans are so gendered sensitive in almost everything, even cars. I used to think that the automatic transmission was built for people with disabilities, but I was wrong, usability was the word that was missing in my vocabulary.:p

If we were to talk about gender in automobiles, this will end at the transmission system. Men would go for the manual and women for the auto transmission systems. But in Kenya, it does not end there.:(

Jana on my way home, I spotted a black, pimped vitz around Upper hill area. It caught my attention because of its thundering exhaust. I saw it again this morning.:cool:

Now, on my way home three ladies were walking ahead of me and one of them said that she likes Vitz. Luckily she saw the diver and asked her friends, "guess who is driving the car?" Her friends had no clue so she replied, "A dude".:mad:

This is my question: Are cars designed on gender basis? or to put it clear, Has the automotive industry added gender equality in their usability criteria? It is not fair that men are forced to ignore economical cars due to stereotyping just to buy expensive ones to please women or friends. o_O

What do you think?

Doc Oga

Village Elder
I took her out It was a Friday night I wore cologne To get the feeling right
We started making out
And she took off my pants
But then I turned on the TV....
Kweli bana. Sijui kwanini ladies na reversing hawaambatani. Many times unajipata offering to help them
They are not very much talented na logic, sasa kupima angles kwao ni tricky sana. Have a colleague at jobbo Mi hushuka kumdirect kupark, na yake ni Wish. SMH a small vehicle like that tu