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In my quest to get fat, I keep consuming those foods that are deemed to be high calory. A casual conversation with a friend once alerted me to the dangers of doing such; you may not get fat, but your arteries will get clogged with fat, and that is more dangerous than being thin. You will never see that heart attack coming. @Luther12 pls confirm this. Though ile habit ya kunywa guinness ili kuokota weight imenishinda kuwacha :D:D:D
kuwa couch potato, take lots of mitura , soup daily, lots of carbohydrates and top it up with Tusker. Utatoa utambi ingine Mwenda uregret your quest for weight gain


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After three years I gave.
In doing so I went after a six pac.
Needless to say after three months I also gave up.
Thus I am neither fat nor muscled.
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