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  1. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder

    How many of you have done this and how much is it
  2. spear

    spear Village Elder

    Don't know but you need to give a six months notice before you do go there for the actual marriage and get the certificate.
  3. vuja de

    vuja de Village Sponsor

  4. sitaki

    sitaki Senior Villager

    10 years back, all that was needed was around a months notice and the fee I think was around 1500, then unapatiwa siku then you go with your 2 witnesses, there was this boring guy who seemed as if he was being forced to work, he had the script memorized, read it quickly I just remember him saying you may kiss the bride and then you are pushed out haraka so that the next couple can come in.
  5. Ubongo

    Ubongo Village Elder

    So you went through this
  6. mikel

    mikel Village Elder

    Was given two weeks notice....talk to the lady at front desk she will fix you a date hata next week. But could be a bit longer for a local spouse...charges ni kidogo sana..alafu uende lunch ya less than 10k na honeymoon ya less than 30k
  7. spear

    spear Village Elder

    You can imagine if that was your job, how bored you would be too.
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  8. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder

    haha this is the plan - go for this then a lunch with family and friends then honeymoon at the coast.
  9. spear

    spear Village Elder

    Good man, start on a clean slate with no debt from a big expensive wedding, just love.
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  10. sitaki

    sitaki Senior Villager

    yes, but some good time has passed, not sure if its the same process, tulienda huko, then the following weekend we went for a luncheon with family and friends, with the latter paying for their own 'plates' and that was it, back then did not have much, and that's what we could afford.
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  11. kingsolomonn2016

    kingsolomonn2016 Village Elder

    yh bro, in future if God blesses us we can renew vows at a lavish second wedding.
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  12. sitaki

    sitaki Senior Villager

    :D true, it can get boring, add to that the pay is not good, being in the civil service and all
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  13. kasaman

    kasaman Village Elder

    Sasa unawanyima wanawake na watoto furaha ! Fanya harusi kanisani kwenyu !
  14. Prometheus

    Prometheus Village Elder

    Are you getting married to reduce your tax bills?
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  15. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    hehehe nilikuwa huko Feb and we were give time to take pics
  16. mututho wa kk

    mututho wa kk Senior Villager

    This is good
  17. SnazzyKenyan

    SnazzyKenyan Village Elder

    Hii haina baraka ya Yesu.
    @Liberty laxima awekelee Mimi mkono na anipee Konyagi kidogo nionje
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  18. Purple

    Purple Village Elder

  19. Purple

    Purple Village Elder

    Why don’t you just do a simple church wedding for blessings? It’s so important to start of well or maybe I’m old fashioned...
  20. Mzee mzima

    Mzee mzima Village Elder

    Hii ni Bible chapter gani?
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