Getting through a barrier


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So I'm sitting outside a chics shop. Let's call her Laura. As we speak she's opening shop (she knows I'm here so relax I'm not stalking her). She's selling something I need at prices I can afford.
We had a thing sometime back - never got to bed though. She hates my guts coz I refused to lend her money once plus she's somewhat a psycho (based on my assessment of how she talks. Look for the hekaya it's somewhere here).
As she's opening, I see one of my neighbours sitting outside her shop. Apparently she also runs the shop next to hers.
So how do I get to Laura's shop without being spotted by my neighbour who I'm sure will start stories?
The shop is behind me and I can see them from the rear view......

Anyway, let me go. Kama mbaya mbaya!